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Big changes coming to VapeTime!

We are dis-continuing the VapeTime Premium line of e-liquids and will be introducing new lines very soon. One of the new lines of e-liquid is airdrops that will be blended for the vapers who like sweet and loads of vapor. Another line is for the tobacco flavor lovers which will be called SGT BLACK and will be tobacco flavors only.

Another change is going to be a new look and feel to the website itself. This change is re-scheduled for sometime in early 2016. It will be easier to browse and much more interesting for our customers.

12mm Vandal Resistant Switch
VTDT Poquito - Pearl
Price: Php400.00
VTDT Vase - Magma
Price: Php400.00
VTDT Poquito - Pearl Magma 12mm SMALL Vandal Style Push Button
VTDT Stillo - Fiesta
Price: Php500.00
VTDT Vase - Cherry
Price: Php400.00
Fiesta Stillo Kryptonite Stillo Cherry

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Super Deal!

Pila IBC

Price: Php1,995.00
Sale Price: Php1,095.00
Savings: Php900.00